Forever Repurchased #6.

posted on: 23 April, 2014

I never realise how many products I actually repurchase until I sit down and have a think about what’s to go in this post. When it comes to makeup, I tend to have a lot of foundations on the go at once because of their different finishes and coverages – my skin changes SO much – and I do love a mix of blush colours, so they’re not something I ever run out of, bar a few types and shades. It’s usually skincare and body products that I tend to go through at a rapid pace – and when they’re done, I just have to buy them back again. Here’s another selection of regularly repurchased items…

I actually have two cleansers here that I’m now on to my second or third bottle/tube of. Saying that, they’re two completely different cleansers and I would usually use them one after the other, with the first to remove makeup and the second to cleanse the skin. In that order, I have the Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe Cleansing Balm (£30) – I have spoken about my love for EH a lot lately, and this cleansing balm is definitely one of the reasons why. I adore this stuff, especially as it comes in a tube as I feel like it’s a whole lot more hygienic than the usual tub we get balms in, and it also uses only the best botanical ingredients so you can guarantee that everything going on your skin is a lovely, natural ingredient. This stuff melts in to the face and dislodges makeup, cleansing and purifying the skin in no time – and it always leaves my complexion feeling supple and soft and a whole lot healthier too. It’s a lovely offering for the evening cleanse.

The other cleanser is the Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser (£24.75), I think this is my third bottle of this and I cannot fault it – I always reach for it when my skin is breaking out, I swear it works miracles! The soft formula lathers up ever so slightly, so you have a kind of creamy gel (it’s a bit of both) – one thing I always notice with this is how smooth my skin feels after I apply it. I use it in the shower and it makes such a big difference to my skin, I now have no blemishes and I’m almost certain that’s down to this. I never really use cleansers that don’t leave my skin feeling amazing afterwards.
I would say it’s great for all skin types, it’s hydrating and refining, and it balances the skin – I never feel like my skin is stripped or dry after using this. I am now making a promise to myself that I will always have a bottle of this on hand!

Of course, I had to include the amazing Anastasia Brow Wiz (£15.50) – how often do I talk about this brow pencil? I mentioned it in my Brow Tutorial post, it gives me such full, shapely brows and I really couldn’t live without it. After I recently finished up my last Brow Wiz a month or two ago, I held off for a few days because I couldn’t be bothered repurchasing and I was adamant I had something in my stash that would do a similar job. I think I lasted two painful days without it – never again! The fine nib of this allows you to create strokes that resemble hairs, so it’s incredible natural and it really allows you to get the right shape. Check out my tutorial to see it in action.

A couple of random items, starting with the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover (£6.45), a product that I’ve been using for years and years. I’ve never really used any other kind of cuticle remover as this works so well – it really softens the cuticles so you can get in there and perfect them. I just love how easy it is to use and apply, it’s definitely a staple in my manicure routine.
Finally, the Diptyque Vetyver Candle (£40) – I have to say, I’m not a massive Diptyque fan – I adore the packaging but I don’t often think their scents are anything to write home about, bar a few, and I think their scent throw is often a bit lousy (lol, lousy). Saying that, my absolute favourite candle of all is the Vetyver candle from them – this smells DIVINE. I actually have the Vetyverio scent which is pretty similar, and I wear that daily… so it seems kind of silly to say I’m not a big fan, but apart from these two (candle and fragrance) I probably wouldn’t buy anything from them.
I am yet to burn this candle as I think I might keep it until we move (I’m sad) but it’s incredible, such a sexy masculine scent with touches of lighter, more floral notes in there too. I highly recommend you check it out, it smells like heaven.

Have you tried any of these?

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An Introduction to Erborian.

posted on: 22 April, 2014

I’ve been mentioning skincare brand Erborian a lot lately – it would be true to say the brands products are making up a large chunk of my skincare routines! I saw the Erborian stands in Paris and vaguely remembered spying a product of theirs near the till in Space NK – I snapped up one item and have since fallen in love with everything I’ve tried.

The product I first tried, and the product mentioned above, is the Erborian Sleeping BB Mask (£32) – this is a kind of moisture mask that can be used a few times a week to ensure the skin is well nourished. Although Erborian are a luxury French brand, they are influenced by Korean skincare so a lot of their products are BB and CC cremes that help to improve the texture of the skin.
This overnight mask “cocoons” the skin while you snooze, delivering skin-loving ingredients which help to soften and refine the skin, as well as clearing up any imperfections. I’ve seen a massive difference in my complexion since I started using this, I have even given a tube to my mum as I love it so much! It promises super smooth, bright and clear skin and a difference can be seen (and felt!) after the first use! It’s one of those ‘all round’ products that do a whole lot of good for the skin – no matter what your skin type.

My second favourite product from the brand (I picked five of my must haves for this post, but I do love everything I’ve tried!) – is the Erborian CC Creme HD (£36), I won’t lie to you… this stuff works miracles! It’s a hydrating skin tint which adds the most flawless glow to the skin, the pigments brighten the complexion and conceal any signs of imperfections so you really do get a lovely canvas for makeup. It conceals acne scarring, redness and even blemishes and promotes the most gorgeous finish – it’s just so damn effective! It’s a little like the Origins VitaZing but less tint and more miracles. I use this every day as a sort of moisturiser/primer in one, and it really helps to improve the condition of my skin – so much so that I tend to use only powder or a touch of concealer after applying. Dreamy.

Next up, the Erborian Double Peeling Creme – this isn’t so readily available in the UK it seems. I believe Selfridges sell it but it looks like its out of stock at the moment. This is basically an exfoliating mask that gets to work refining the texture of the skin and generally helping to transform a dull, tired complexion. It honestly brightens my skin so, so much – expect a perky, healthy complexion after just one use. I use it on Sunday nights and follow with a clay mask and then the Sleeping BB Mask for supermodel skin (kinda).

I have mentioned the Erborian Herbal Energy Lotion (£22) in my evening skincare routine, this is a staple product for me as it really helps to energise my skin and give it a boost in terms of hydration and radiance. I love using it as my skin instantly looks more dewy, and it’s a lovely product to apply as it feels so refreshing. I use it after cleansing to ensure I’ve removed every trace of impurities from my skin, and then continue on with my usual treatments. I love how much it calms and heals too, it’s definitely a step in my routine I won’t miss out on!

Lastly, the Erborian Yuza Sorbet Day Cream (£43) – this is a skin treat to be applied in the morning, it hydrates with a unique mix of natural ingredients to provide the skin with everything it needs to look awakened and radiant. It instantly relieves dry skin and helps to keep it moisturised throughout the day. I’m very picky when it comes to moisturiser but the texture of this is perfect, it’s refreshing on the skin and feels replenishing even though it’s lovely and light. Applying it is a dream as it feels so soft and smoothing on my face. It’s love!
I also have the night cream version but I’m waiting to finish my current night cream before we get acquainted.

I definitely recommend checking out Erborian if you get the chance, their products have impressed me so much and I’m already thinking about extending my stash!

Have you tried anything from Erborian?

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A New Style.

posted on: 21 April, 2014

Ta-da! A new ‘do coming at… you. I am always so impulsive with the things I do with my hair, I guess because it’s something that always makes me feel a little happier – there’s really nothing better than a good haircut!

So I decided to get my hair cut short again, it wasn’t something that I took lightly as I have been growing my hair for some time now. After the bleaching it just became so unmanageable, I’m also very effortless (lazy) with my hair so it was a hassle having to wash and blowdry it every damn day.
I was having dinner with Jordan earlier this week and he said “I think when your hair was short, it was bigger and you could really puff it up. Now it’s long, it’s very down” – nailed it. I knew then it was time to go back to big, bad, short locks. Although it was upsetting to chop it all off, I think it was the right thing to do as my hair looks so thick and shiny now!

I showed a photo of myself (from maybe two years ago), to my friend Rachel (hairdresser by profession) and she cut me back in my typical haircut – perfecto. I also dyed it back to my usual medium ash brown, which is the shade I always go for. I use a lot of shampoos that strip the colour though so I tend to get it redone often.
I also went for a middle-parted fringe but I can still wear it to the side or as a full fringe if I prefer. I’m not sure how I feel about middle parting fringes… they’re a whole lot of hassle really.

My hair is so, so much more healthy – before I got it cut it was a nightmare. It was frizzy, matted and I had actual dreadlocks. It also looked really straggly and dull, and it was impossible to make it look nice. I think because it’s so fine it’s best to have it short, and up until recently it was the longest my hair has ever been, but I don’t think it really suited my hair type. Sad but true. Sometimes you just have to face up to reality, though I think we can all agree it did take me a while!
I may have regressed with this haircut, but sometimes you have to try other things to figure out what is for you. Who knows what my next cut and colour may be…

Do you regularly swap between hair styles?

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Chats etc. – Having A Cat.

posted on: 20 April, 2014

We alllll know I’m a cat lady, so a video like this was a long time coming. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t done it sooner! You guys asked for more chatty videos, so I thought I would make a ‘Chats etc.’ series to talk about, well… everything really. I wanted to start with how we got Mouse, what it’s like having a cat and other questions I get asked a lot.

It won’t be for everyone, but it was super fun to film – I’ll be sure to keep up the chatty videos so feel free to recommend topics.

Hope you enjoy & happy Easter!

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.